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Mozella Ademiluyi

Storyteller, Jazz Poet

It takes a lot to embrace the change we see and feel within ourselves. Often, we are just stepping up and into what is already there; we have been waiting for our “yes”. I am now more comfortable saying, “Yes, I am that…”

I am a Storyteller and seek to inspire audiences, particularly women, to make three essential connections. During my recent London event, someone dubbed me as a “jazz poet”. I like the ring of this name as another one of those ‘things’ that I do.

I am unique and celebrate most facets of myself.

This is a wonderful time of year to gift yourself with acceptance and celebration of your unique ways of being in the world. On your path, master “the art of possibility” (Benjamin Zander) and realize competition only holds you back. Choose “living over hiding, being over thinking, participating over
observing and thriving over surviving” (Mark Nepo)

And, “hold your mirror when it is handed to you, it is time” (Mozella Ademiluyi)

I am,

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
speaker writer poet

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