Meet Mozella

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi leads forward-thinking individuals and teams to fresh creative perspectives, united purpose and inspired leadership, which empower their path to extraordinary results.

Whether sharing her creative insights with an audience or in a workshop or retreat, Mozella’s rich, melodic voice draws participants’ courage and trust, openness and attention. And―far beyond the bounds of ordinary theory and logic―she emboldens them to combine decisive, competent action with the powers of thought, imagination and inspiration. This approach unearths transformative clarity and conviction about their inner strengths. It also teaches them how to reach for their highest personal and professional potential, as well as make a profound difference for themselves, their team and their company.

For more than four decades, she’s studied and practiced the time-honored wisdom of human development and transformation, and more recently, neuroscientific breakthroughs that confirm and illuminate these principles. Climbing 15,000 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro at age 50, then summiting at 19,340 feet at age 60 taught her even more―that mountains and nature are master teachers of critical life lessons. By synthesizing her life’s work into practical, creative pathways of learning, Mozella helps professional women overcome personal and professional challenges, and step up to their highest potential.

Through her innovative programs, Mozella leads individuals, teams and their companies toward a better understanding of how attaining important goals, like climbing mountains, is best achieved when each person and the group as a whole are fully prepared, engaged and responsible. When a critical mass of empowered individuals has been reached, and when the team believes and can articulate the concepts that fuel their aspirations, then the heights to which they and their company soar are limited only by their definition of success.

Mozella’s gifts for helping others navigate creative new paths originated in her childhood. When she was nine, she and her family moved from Miami, Florida, to the African Continent to fulfill her father’s lifelong dream. Cultural exposure and friendships forged across East and West Africa, Europe and Asia filled young Mozella’s heart and mind with unforgettable sights and ideas. A passionate world traveler to this day, she brings her deeply-wired global perspective and cultural appreciation everywhere she goes and to everyone she meets…

An international speaker, author and poet, Mozella earned her undergraduate and law degrees from Howard University. She is a member of the Bars of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and is admitted to practice before the United States Court of International Trade. Mozella serves on several boards in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and is a graduate of Leadership Greater Washington Class of 2014. She is also Founder of Rising Sun Programs, a non-profit organization that teaches young people and their families how to achieve personal and financial well-being through wealth literacy℠.

Mozella is married with three grown sons and lives in Potomac, Maryland.

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