The Head, Heart & Hands Approach™️

We all want to achieve our highest potential at work without burning out in life. Despite the barriers we all know exist, the hidden problem is that we’re taught in school to use our heads and at work to use our hands—unless we are very lucky, nowhere are we taught to use our hearts.

We must realize and embrace that all our results flow from within. That’s why, to achieve the goal, we need to enhance the invisible causes of the visible results; it’s not the external, it’s the internal. We must create alignment between our Head and Heart before our Hands can be brought in to take aligned actions.

There are three key parts of creating alignment between your head, heart, and hands. Here’s how:

    • Build a clear vision and prepare for it.
    • Engage an empowering attitude and a courageous belief system.
    • Realign and connect each action step with your head and heart.

This systematic and repeatable approach can help you reach any goal or overcome any obstacle. It is designed to ensure you know your current position and understand the causes of your desired results.

Sounds simple, right? Maybe even a little too simple?

That’s because it is.

The Head, Heart & Hands Approach™ requires practice, repetition, and personalization. I broke it down into seven simple steps to make it easier to digest and implement.

Learn about this powerful tool in the MPS Pocket Guide, which will give you a quick but comprehensive look.

When Mountain Peak Strategies was founded, we wanted to answer one primary question: How can we guide our individual and team clients to their mountain-peak purpose, vision, and goals without overwhelm and burnout?

Working and pushing harder is just not a practical and sustainable work-life strategy… So we decided to do something different:

We help them learn to create the alignment they need between their head (thoughts), heart (feelings), and hands (actions) in order to reach their intended outcomes.

We teach them to focus on the invisible to create the visible results they seek.

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