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Mozella Ademiluyi


The laws and principles of balance are demonstrated everywhere we look. It’s actually a ‘big’ word too…look it up and see how much space it takes up
in the dictionary.

Asking ourselves how we define balance in our lives could take pages to answer. However, it is a very worthwhile and inspiring exercise. We seek balance in all the areas that make up our true wealth – also defined archaically as “well-being”. Without well-being, and balance, what is wealth?

As we begin to wind down 2009, do you feel in balance or apart from it? If you choose, the next 28 days will provide you with ample ground to practice balance as you dance your way toward 2010.

Imagine what will unfold if you take a moment each day, until the year’s end, to reflect on what balance means for you.

This may be the start of a new way of ‘being’ in your world.

wishing you all good things…

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
speaker writer poet

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