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YOU Time

There is no one more important than YOU. At some point in time though, you may have believed that everyone and everything had greater priority than you had. And that you needed to keep ploughing ahead, meeting the deadlines, always putting others before yourself. Sure, you can keep doing that – but unfortunately, it eventually catches up … it’s called ‘burn-out’.

I took this blog photo standing on London Heathrow’s Airport train platform just over a week ago. I read it, and thought, yes, that speaks a language many of us can relate to: Next Stop, Changing Your Watch to YOU Time!

Today, we had our monthly Global Women Story Circle meeting and Tonda Bean shared these thoughts about change and honoring ourselves: There is a cycle that includes endings, breaks, then new beginnings. She said we rush through the breaks, but that we need to honor and allow ourselves the time and space to reflect on what has just happened. She reminded us that the emotional finish and the physical finish can happen at different times. When we give ourselves a ‘break’ we can then get back in sync with ourselves.

You Time means being self-focused, and unapologetic about self-care, where we can reflect on our own stories, where we’ve been, and the lessons we’ve learned. Celebrate and just be, before we jump to that ‘next thing’.

Take some time, before our new season begins, and reflect. What do you need? What might you let go of? How might you need to reposition yourself? Remind yourself that you don’t need anyone’s approval to take a break or stand differently in your world.

This may trigger a need to assess or reassess where you stand, how you became who you are, and why you might consider changing the way you treat yourself.

Time to change your watch!

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
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