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Mozella Ademiluyi

Serenity on your Mountain

Mountains hold some of the most powerful ‘chi’ (energy force) on earth. I find mountain climbing exhilarating…I think it is also beneficial to “just be” near them too. Mountains literally and metaphorically call us to higher ground. I believe seeking peace and understanding through a relationship with our natural world enhances a nurturing link between our earth mother and us.

Our pace is so hectic – vacations feel too far apart. I have a longstanding habit of taking time in the Fall for personal work retreats, to plan for the coming year. It was so easy to plan a ‘work’ retreat, tending to all my external things to do. Yet my body, mind and soul were pleading: “What about me?” So now, I stop once every quarter to mark each new season and celebrate my life within it. I have also committed to bringing women together each season to facilitate their own soul journey celebrations individually and collectively.

I do my very best to create space and time for myself – sometimes alone, sometimes with like-minded others. The key is to pause, feel, be with and talk to oneself. I enjoy the warmth of the sun, trees, flowers and the moon in a star-lit sky. These are amongst my favorite things – what are some of yours

I put serenity on and in my mountain (my life) as often as I can. I have a busy, full life too and know it takes determination to maintain balance. On a daily basis I create me times, I reflect and practice stillness in the quiet. It’s sustaining: energizes my day and offers calmness at night.

How serene is your mountain? It’s never too late to create rituals to honor and celebrate your whole self.


Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
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