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This concise and easy-to-follow book provides an inspired blueprint for you to set and achieve extraordinary goals.

Cathy Hughes, Founder & Chairperson of Urban One, Inc. says of Mozella, "In the tradition of our motherland, Africa, where she spent a part of her formative years, she is a griot – one whose stories contain nuggets from which we can glean wisdom.”

“Rise” will challenge you to look within and rediscover who you are. It will remind you not to “slow down when the going gets tough … but to recognize the power in the pause — the ability to breathe, reboot, recharge and recommit.”

“After walking up and down an endless number of hills on the first day, very quickly my master teacher reminded me of this: Each person’s mountain has unexpected terrain that must be experienced as it is discovered and unfolds. Create the vision, set the goals, and then we each may have to adjust and redesign around what shows up in the middle of these plans. As I periodically looked back at the beautiful sights behind us and ahead at the exquisite landscape that was before us, we appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. Both perspectives reflected our progress.”

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