New Waves of Transformation Have Already Begun!
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Mozella Ademiluyi

New Waves of Transformation Have Already Begun!


The one thing many of us have all had is time for some deeper self-reflection. We have communicated and connected within ourselves like never before.

We have had kind, hurtful, compassionate, and yes, even heinous thoughts! We have lived in close quarters, even if we live alone.

So, my question is: How might you act differently moving forward? It’s more than a new season. It’s a new opportunity and time to restore, renew, and reinvigorate our lives. Hmmm, although we may tire of hearing those words, the question remains: what will you DO to connect (or disconnect!) to the changes that are already on our doorstep?


Do you feel any changes for better, or for worse, about the co-workers or family members who touched sensitive nerves? Have you made some decisions about what it might take to show more appreciation, compassion, and gratitude? Choose to create more harmony by letting someone go, or at least, pivoting to avoid disruption of your mental and emotional space. Conversations, narratives, and our personal stories have become central to our growth and development.


Do we get it now? Have we truly absorbed the way Mother Earth is responding across her vast spectrum? Are you ready to fully embrace the difference we can make? There is a lot of talking and planning about rising levels of toxicity – not only what oozes into our earth, but as a global society, what has poisoned our hearts and minds as well. I imagine most of us rising to the challenge. There are shifts already occurring. We consciously connect the dots to better understand what is transpiring around us and beneath our feet.


What a challenge this word presents. Granted, many people would rather a lot of things remain just the same. Change requires some uncomfortable shifts, and demands a very different way of believing, thinking, and acting. Head in the sand, some may hope the conversations will subside, and that there will be a return to comfort zones. The reality is, change is not only what is happening, but it will continue to move us into realms, and ways of being that will rock our world.

The momentum is building …

Are you ready?

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
speaker writer poet

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