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Changing Your Watch to You Time

Does this statement sound like a ‘fairytale’ like idea to you?

Take another look and notice the statement’s layers.

Let me back up a tad bit. In past visits, I had noticed this sign before, while waiting for the Tube (subway) in London’s Heathrow Airport. This time, I chose to take a photo of it.

We’re often one stop away from making a choice to direct our time toward ourselves. And what a stop that can be.

In the endless hustle & bustle that our lives have become, we can forget to stop. In an urgency culture, where we are expected to be on call (for someone) 24/7, we can forget to breathe and choose. We forget to respond, feeling we only have the power to react to life’s demands.

Well, the power we seek to change our attitude; change our minds and even our direction happens in the stop.

Let me push a little further. I’ll dare say that the ‘next stop’ can be found in each moment – yes, that legendary present we are encouraged to live in!

And if present moments slip past you, as it does all of us during the 24-hour time frames we’ve carved out for ourselves; then perhaps it’s because you didn’t stop. But don’t fret. There is another one. You are in it right now.

I have a recommendation for how to practice the stop, build your energy reserves, AND empower yourself to create positive change in your life. At. The. Same. Time.

It’s a perfect way to practice “You Time!”

  1. In the next stop you allow yourself to take, use that very moment to pause and breathe more consciously.
  2. Then, think about something that you are truly grateful for… any one person or thing in your world for which you have heart-felt gratitude.
  3. Hold that thought and feeling and breathing for a minute or more.

Almost like magic, you’ll feel your body relax, your heart’s smile widens – the calm makes a palpable difference to your internal state.

I do this regularly. The more you practice it, the more powerful it becomes.

I use it in moments of stress, or when I have a challenging decision to make.

And it’s an exercise that helps me tap into my creative energy… For example, I’ll follow it up by opening myself to thinking about and feeling what I really want my next dream or goal to look like.

You time is a very specific moment (or set of moments) which you need AND deserve to savor and enjoy for yourself.

Give the above Tube signage some thought.

To change your watch to You time, on a regular basis, is a necessity, not a luxury.

Do it now.

Do it often. Thank me later ;))

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi
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