How do you become more professionally productive and live a better life?

Professionals in high-stress work are at a critical crossroads. Overwhelm and diminishing personal lives leave them unable to reach their fullest potential.

‘Business as usual’, in a rapidly accelerating and highly competitive world, means she must lead effectively, manage decisively, and navigate a constantly evolving environment – she must also be a great communicator, valued collaborator and expert relationship builder.

Where do you access the power and support it takes to create the kind of change that makes a sustainable difference?

Today’s professional woman faces challenges like never before.

Work-Life Training Program for Professional Women


In order to feel and do better, in other words, to experience well-being and excel at work ... we have to be better:

If she also wants to be happy (and she does), she must learn to do her job in a way that supports her own needs for satisfaction and fulfillment, or else risk burn-out, down-the-line health issues, and an increasingly impoverished personal life. Without adequately improving both the personal and professional self, both the personal and professional self struggle.

And though “The Practice of Life” was specifically designed to address the challenges facing women attorneys, it is applicable to all professional women:

The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-being called for “action plans for building a more positive future.” The report drew into focus the links between personal well-being, professional capacity and the risks associated with a life-out-of-balance. The demands of practicing law came flooding back when reading this report. In recent years, I have also had many insightful conversations with professional women from across conference tables, and coffee tables too, about their work-life conflicts and desire to achieve better balance.

Our sensitively choreographed process reveals tangible results in return. Join us - map YOUR journey and exceed YOUR goals:

The Practice of Life is a 12-week life tool system helping professional women master skills that lead to a more fulfilling life, and encourages the self-care and playtime that eludes them.

As a result, it also helps them reach their peak potential by reducing stress and burnout.

The Practice of Life supports participants to:


Take control of your life; create transformative change:

The Practice of Life guides participants through the exhilarating journey of immediately actionable steps that lead to transformative change.

This kind of change takes bold thinking, courage, and a commitment to stay the course toward developing optimal lifestyle habits and supportive work-life choices.

Then, it systematically leads toward the creation of a more purposeful, productive and balanced life that more effectively fulfills her wants and needs.

The Practice of Life guides you as you let go of old habits that keep you stuck and embrace positive practices that transform your life into one of your choosing.

The Practice of Life™ was a lifetime in the making... and was made for you!

What PROFESSIONAL WOMEN Are Saying About Mozella...

Mozella has spent a lifetime studying personal development and change. For over a decade, she has taught and learned from a diverse group of global women who are ready to face a more profound journey.

Her company, Mountain Peak Strategies, has offered leaders the opportunity to break through roadblocks (in themselves and their teams), supporting them to reach their highest goals.

Through Love is a Mountain Retreats, she brings together forward-thinking women to help them rejuvenate, realign and map out sustainable pathways on their personal and professional journeys.

Our new signature program draws on this combined wealth of experience and creates a practical and timely blueprint for change and transformation as women attorneys, and other high-stressed professionals, seek answers to pressing challenges.

The PoL Experience:

PoL’s structured weekly activities are flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule and yet offer you the deep dives designed to make a sustainable difference.

We are thrilled and proud to help you design and implement the significant transformations that you need and desire with our distinctively- choregraphed program. See our program highlights below and reach out to us to book your space now using the contact form below, or email us at

Program highlights include:

PoL Bonuses:


Hi, my name is Mozella.

I am a mother and wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, a thinker and writer, an attorney and an avid mountain hiker. My work represents a culmination of almost 50 years of study, research and lived adventures.

I help professional women to reignite their energy, uplift their teams and achieve extraordinary goals.

Through the power of storytelling, I share lessons from my life and the natural world. I help professional women to draw upon their own stories, elevate their imagination and use their dreams to enrich their hearts, minds and their work.

I invite you to join me in learning how to open your own creative pathways to a more balanced life of well-being, improved decision-making, increased engagement and greater productivity.

What People Are Saying About Mozella...

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