The perfect balance of work + play to help you get a better balance of work + life

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If you’re a professional woman yearning for a fun, purposeful break to recharge your batteries, regain perspective on the work/life juggle, and refine your plans to finish the year strong…

…then join me for this game-changing 7-day luxury mastermind retreat in sunny St Lucia— the perfect combination of career-minded planning AND pure pleasure.

Here’s the thing—achieving ambitious goals is not a sprint, it’s a marathon climb


Sipping an ice-cold cocktail alongside the swaying palms as gentle waves softly lap upon shores of Labralotte Bay, you look back on the incredible ahas and leaps of insight of the past few amazing days and a huge smile spreads across your face.

Beneath a vivid blue sky, with the irresistible rhythms of calypso playing softly in the background, you’re laughing with a handful of the most inspiring and empowered women leaders you could hope to meet… bliss!

Welcome to the intoxicating embrace of the “It’s Possible!” Retreat Mastermind & Continuity Coaching adventure—a life and career rebalancing retreat—jam packed with fun, inspiration, practical tools to help you reach your goals… and the whole-hearted support of an experienced mountain guide who’s got your back. 😉

If you want to achieve your personal and professional goals with minimum fuss and maximum results, then it’s essential that you:

You’ll return from “It’s Possible!” with a backpack full of renewed energy, the fresh perspectives you need to stay on course to your goals (no matter what happens), and an updated map to help you summit your mountains with confidence and purpose.

Think about it:

We can’t promise there will be NO MORE challenges… but we can promise you’ll be better equipped to deal with them when they inevitably happen.

Let Me Introduce You To

The “It’s Possible!” Retreat Mastermind & Continuity Coaching Adventure
This amazing getaway adventure + small group mastermind and coaching package was specifically designed for forward-thinking women leaders like you… women with ambitious goals, high expectations and determination.

More determination is not the answer.

More commitment is not the answer.

More effort is not the answer.

You know that because you tried. (It’s your M.O., right?)

That’s why it’s so critical to unpack your thinking, lay all your ideas on the table in a safe space, and intentionally choose what to move forward with – and what to leave behind.

Plus, get valuable advice, feedback and encouragement from people who understand your situation and want you to succeed.

Numbers are strictly capped at 10 so that I can guarantee you get all the personal focus and attention you need.

It was custom created to provide the perfect mix of location, learnings and experiences to breathe life into your purpose, vision and goals

You could be masterminding solutions to thorny career questions in the morning, indulging yourself in a luxurious pampering session in the afternoon… and all the while collecting brilliant ideas, ahas and insights to take you to the very top of your mountains.

In the evenings, find yourself enjoying mouth-wateringly delicious dinners, sway to the infectious beat of local live musicians at the vibrant beach bar… and enjoy enlightening conversations with amazing women who just “get” you and can totally relate.

And throughout… you’ll be updating and refining your “new and improved” plans to finish the year strong.

But, it doesn’t end there.

Okay, so there’s a thing we don’t often talk about in the self development space…

…which is the number of offers that promise the earth but totally fail to follow through.

You KNOW what I’m saying.

That’s not happening on my watch. Period.

So here were my personal benchmarks when I was designing this mastermind retreat:

A) MUST be fun, empowering and wildly supportive

B) MUST give you practical, actionable tools to take home

C) MUST NOT leave you unsupported, or at a loss for how to implement in real life

Which is EXACTLY why I created this retreat as part of an all-round package designed to give you:
So… wrapped around this astonishing 7-day event, you’ll ALSO receive:

So as you can see, this is NOT a typical mastermind…NOT a typical retreat… but actually the perfect balance of work + play to help you get the perfect balance of work + life.

Here’s the thing…

We all know A to B is rarely a straight line…and even the best laid plans MUST adapt in the face of changing daily realities.

Every journey has surprises. That’s just the way it is.

Taking time out to reassess the terrain, course-correct and get back on track (with your sanity intact) is NOT an indulgence… to function at your best, it’s essential.

And frankly, you deserve it.

Yes, it IS possible…you REALLY can have what you want, make a difference AND love the life you live.

And we’d love to help you do that.

That’s exactly why we created this glorious 7-day luxury mastermind retreat and continuity coaching package.

What People Are Saying About Mozella...

Come bask in the Sun + Fun with us in beautiful St Lucia this summer, while you take time to refine your roadmap.

It’s Possible! was designed to re-ignite your momentum and recharge your batteries while celebrating life and adventures on this exquisite Caribbean island.

Go home ready for anything! Even the mundane.

Plus, you’ll be surrounded and supported by the most amazing group of women you could hope to meet.

Over the course of a week, plus follow-up coaching sessions, you will update and adapt your plans to build momentum and finish the year strong.

Limited to just 10 participants, this exclusive, small group mastermind and continuity coaching package is designed to give you the time and space you need to reconcile your roadmap with the facts on the ground

… so you can get 100% behind your plans, showing up fully and courageously for your purpose, vision and goals.

You’ll leave St. Lucia:


Our resort is nestled on 60 acres of a lush hillside alongside the spectacular palm-fringed waters of Labrelotte Bay. (Yes, please!!)

You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of elegant villas (most with private plunge pools and full kitchens) overlooking the cobalt Caribbean Sea.

Windjammer Landing resort boasts a stunning array of amenities and activities — including tennis, air-conditioned gym, Instagram-worthy pools, and a wide range of water sports.

If you need a break from all the fun… you can always book yourself some time at The Spa’s quiet sanctuary.

Dine in paradise while enjoying international and local cuisine (more details below), exotic tropical cocktails and vibrant live entertainment.

You’ll fall in love with the warm St. Lucian hospitality, the vibrant island markets, and SO much more.

The Cuisine

Another day, another flavor-packed culinary adventure

Caribbean food is a mouthwatering fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Indian/South Asian, Middle Eastern… and even Chinese.

From one brilliantly breathtaking day to the next you may find yourself:

Savoring succulent, freshly caught seafood with a side of the BEST sweet potato fries you’ve ever tasted, while wiggling your toes in the warm sand of a natural cove (yep, for real!)

To enjoying award-winning cuisine while soaking up spectacular views over the Caribbean and St. Lucia’s twin volcanic Piton peaks.

On another day, listening to the waves and sipping a perfectly chilled drink on an outdoor terrace while your server arrives with a platter of the MOST delicious jerk chicken wings on the face of the planet (I kid you not!)

Or relishing flavorful traditional Caribbean dishes in an authentic local eatery — delighting in the rough-and-ready charm of a place that feels like it’s been there for EVER.

We’ll even be learning how to make some dishes ourselves! Yes, on the Flavors of St. Lucia Cooking Experience we’ll be joining a professional chef for a fun and delicious cooking class and food garden tour.

Plus more taste-tempting surprises and delights than you can poke a stick at.

I’m so excited you’re coming with us to gorgeous St. Lucia!

Here’s a rough guide to how our days will unfold:

Depending on our mood, our energy, and what’s fascinated our attention throughout the day we may adjust our itinerary to suit…

As a general rule of thumb, we’ll mostly be holding our “official” mastermind sessions* in the mornings, exploring the breathtaking beauty of St. Lucia in the afternoons, and sampling the delights of Caribbean cuisine in the evenings. We will also enjoy exotic entertainment nights on site… and some dancing too!

*Our daily mastermind sessions will be held in our stunning, air-conditioned Hill Side Villa as well as other locations on our beautiful property and the island.

Each day will have a core focus for our work, with “The 7 Steps” as the jumping off point…

DAY #1: Imagine First™

You’ll arrive Saturday afternoon on June 29th to a warm welcome at Windjammer Landing’s stunning new lobby. You can settle into your room, and then we will meet for an early dinner and a schedule update about our week ahead

DAY #2: Choose Your Boots ™

On Sunday at 9:00 am we kick off our first official mastermind introductory session beside the calming shores of Labrelotte Bay. We’ll be sharing our stories and goals. We then take a big picture look at where we want to be; and explore mapping out the broad strokes of how we reach our end goals from where we currently are.

DAY #3: Attitude Then Altitude

MON: After our fabulous morning mastermind session and lunch, we’ll be indulging ourselves with a body and soul nourishing wellness day (featuring an eye-opening interactive session with a local herbalist).

The afternoon is yours to spend as you wish… you could treat yourself to a little pampering at the spa center, or simply relax at the beach and do some journaling until it’s time to get ready for dinner.

DAY #4: Climb the Wall™

TUES: Today’s scrumptious lunch brought to us by… us!!

Yes, today’s activities include our off property Flavors of St. Lucia Cooking Experience, delicious meal & garden tour… we’ll be whipping up a tasty treat under the guidance of a professional chef, while also getting the lowdown on the history and cultural significance of St. Lucia’s mouthwatering signature dishes. Plus, we’ll enjoy an educational walk through the kitchen garden, learning about the various flowers, fruits, vegetables and seasonings that are grown locally, and used to enhance almost every dish.

Our mastermind session will be held in the afternoon.

DAY #5: Realign with the Steps™

WED: Incredible masterminding with amazing women… check. Mouthwatering lunch… check.

Our amazing afternoon activity will be a super surprise!

DAY #6: Assess your plateau™

THUR: Today, we’ll be delighting our senses with a scenic catamaran trip to the exquisite south side of the island. The incredible view of The Pitons (St Lucia’s famous twin volcanic peaks) will create yet another must-see moment in your St. Lucia albumin your heart AND on your phone.

Award winning restaurant – see the Pitons from a whole new angle

And did I hear someone say “mud bath?” Ah yes, you’re in for a wonderful treat… a great way to relax and recharge, mud baths detox the skin, ease muscle tension, and improve circulation. Not to mention, slathering yourself with warm, soft mud is just so darned fun!!

DAY #7: Look Beyond the Summit™

FRI: Today is all about CELEBRATING how far you’ve come and looking to the future… to the new mountains to climb.

Enjoy our closing ceremony.

Departure day

Saturday, July 6, 2024



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Mud Bath St Lucia





Mozella is an international speaker, author, poet, attorney, transformational coach and adventurer.

For almost five decades, she has studied and practiced the time-honored wisdom of human development and transformation.

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,341 feet, after her second attempt, gave her an extreme real-world experience of ‘failure and success’ and taught her how to help her clients step up to empowered action, overcome the obstacles before them, and reach their desired opportunities.

Mozella earned her undergraduate and law degrees from Howard University. She is a member of the Bars of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and is admitted to practice before the United States Court of International Trade.

*BTW, Mozella has been enjoying the charms of this island paradise yearly for over 30 years and became a St. Lucian citizen in 2021.


Where do I fly into?

Book your flight into Hewanorra International Airport (UVF)

(If you want to live life on the wild side, choose to fly in on a small plane to the domestic airport)

Once you’ve cleared customs and officially step onto St. Lucian ground, you’ll be greeted by someone from our team and brought to the magnificent Windjammer resort.

How long does it take to get from the airport to Windjammer resort?
Travel time between the international airport and the resort is a scenic hour and a half ride through lush countryside.
What are the Windjammer accommodation options?

Regarding your accommodation at Windjammer, click here to visit the Windjammer site and contact us for information about discounted rates for a wide variety of hotel rooms and villa options (breakfast is included).

Depending on your schedule, you may wish to extend your trip a couple of days either side of the official retreat dates to make the most of this precious time away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Aim to arrive into St Lucia on or before Saturday, June 29th, which is our official “It’s Possible!” welcome + kick-off day.

Our scheduled departure date is Saturday, July 6th, 2024 unless you have made prior extended accommodation arrangements with Windjammer.

What should I pack?
  • Pack lightweight cool clothing, plus a scarf or light jacket for air-conditioned places and cooler evenings
  • Hat, sunglasses, swimsuits, cover-ups & sunscreen
  • Sandals, flip flops and a pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • Mosquito repellent and insect bite relief cream
  • Electrical adapters: Though St Lucia uses a type G plug adapter (British type), the resort uses type A and B (American).
Do I need travel insurance?
Absolutely YES. We always recommend travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage. Be sure to read the fine print, as policies can differ greatly.
What are St Lucia’s entry requirements?

For up to date information on St. Lucia’s entry requirements, click here.

Travellers arriving should fill in the online immigration form within 72 hours BEFORE arrival. This replaces the written form and should speed up the arrival process. 

The form and information on the process can be found on the St Lucia Tourism Authority website.

Travelers without proof of having submitted the online form will be required to complete a paper form on arrival.

Gift yourself with this precious time away to reboot your mojo and revive your senses.

Immerse yourself in the  energy and boundless beauty of St. Lucia — to renew your energy and turbo charge you towards the goals, dreams and vision that your heart is calling for. This Caribbean getaway is the perfect time and place to refine your plans, update your map and finish the year strong. 

You’ll not only have the time and space to gather your thoughts and reignite your momentum, but also to bask in the collective wisdom, loving guidance and support of a small, hand-selected group of the most amazing women you could hope to meet.

You’ve earned it!

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