Your company is having a retreat–excellent! You’ve chosen a powerful catalyst for change. Now you and your team can shed daily routines and pressures and bound ahead, free to explore transformative new ideas that move your company to enduring innovation and success.

But how can you be sure the precious hours you spend offsite will be productive and inspiring, and lead to rich new insights and commitment to action?

Set the pace with Reach The Peak, Mountain Peak Strategies’ invigorating half or full-day retreat program, customized to your team’s goals!

Encouraged and guided step by step, participants ignite the power of their imagination. Stimulated by story, reflection and experiential activity―along with mind-expanding tales and images of challenges overcome atop Nature’s high peaks.

1-2 Day Corporate Retreat

Invigorating half or full-day retreat ensures your team’s offsite hours are productive, inspiring, and rich with new insights and commitment to action.

7-8 Day African Safari

One of a kind adventure, in the Tanzania safari and coastline.

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